Enhancing a brand’s customer experience by integrating efficient automated responses and personalized flows within their website.


Our Strategy

  • First, we’ll learn if your platforms receive a high volume of queues but low message responsiveness. Once valid, we’ll propose to integrate a Chatbot in  your brand’s website/page in order to increase customer response speed and efficiency thanks to its 24/7 support capability. 

  • We’ll set custom flows to your Chatbot so that it can reliably answer your customers’ “Frequently Asked Questions”. We can also provide brand personalization to each response so that each customer can feel more inclined to invest in and stay loyal to your brand.


The Impact 

  • Answer Frequently Asked Questions to the Audience

  • 100% Increase Page Response Time

  • 100% Improve Page Response Rate


Our Task

  • Workflow Setup

  • Business analysis

  • Analysis and Recommendations

  • Management and Monitoring

  • Technical Support