Marketing a brand with tangible pieces of information (e.g. pamphlets and business cards) which states the products or services being offered.


Our Strategy 

  • We’ll learn what form of print collateral is required and will assess if this is the best form of marketing approach your brand should go into. We’ll provide our insights and recommendations so the management team can have the overview and the right knowledge before proceeding. 

  • Moving forward, we’ll be collecting all the assets needed for the end-to-end creation (from the designing and final printing) of these printed collaterals.


The Impact

  • Professionally Created Marketing Assets

  • Cohesive Brand Presentation

  • Print collaterals that efficiently communicate the objective of the campaign


Our Task

  • Analysis and Recommendations

  • Management and Coordination

  • Copywriting *if needed

  • Visual Design and Presentation

  • Print production *if needed

Output Types