Making a brand sociable to the online community via active engagements such as commenting and reacting to others in a timely manner.


Our Strategy 

  • We’ll engage with your audience in real-time by liking posts and responding back to them in order to foster a stronger, trusting relationship between your brand and them. We’ll also learn if your brand’s platform receives a manageable amount of queues that require thorough attention about your target audience’s behavior and interactions to the page and paid campaign. 

  • Through this, we can gather fresh feedback and ideas from these real, non-automated interactions which we can then utilize towards making your brand more accustomed and relevant in the eyes of consumers.


The Impact

  • Social Interactive Page Response.

  • Screen Cold and Hot Leads

  • Analyze and Study Audience Behavior

  • Increase Page Response Time

  • Improve Page Response Rate

  • Accommodate Page Comments and Engagements


Our Task

  • Answer page inbox, comments and interact with page engagements

  • Analysis and Recommendations based on the actual audience response.

  • Content Writing and Development

  • Marketing and Management

  • Data Gathering

  • Management and Monitoring 

  • Technical Support